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next couple of days. gianna franco has traffic. >> we are dealing with roadwork this morning. we are accident-free. live look at the golden gate bridge. 17 minutes out of marin county, south 101, things are looking good at the bridge. we'll have more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. right now, the coast guard is searching for a wind surfer who went missing near coyote point. that's just north of the san mateo bridge. 62-year-old cassie cayton of los altos left her husband onshore around 5:00 last night and said she would be back in half hour. when she failed to return two hours later, her husband called 911. local water rescue teams have looked for her and a coast guard cutter and helicopter are still searching. so far though no sign of her. she is said to be an experienced windsurfer and she was wearing a wet suit. we'll have live report at 5:30.
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a friend of one of the 7 fishermen missing off baja, california is not giving up. she tells the santa rosa press democrat that she is raise among any to pay for a private dive team. she wants to find a man from petaluma missing since the boat he was on sank in a storm on july 3. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy suspended the search last week after covering 7,000 square miles. san francisco police say that they have proof that a teenager they killed fired at them first but a lot of people are angry that the shooting happened in their neighborhoods at all. elizabeth wenger is in the bayview, where a town hall meeting will take place tomorrow. now, a lot of emotion going on it, right, elizabeth? >> there is. it's divided this community here in the bayview district of san francisco. we're standing in front of the bayview operahouse where that town hall meeting is going to be held tomorrow night 6:00. san francisco's chief of police will be there as well as city
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officials, clergy. growing sense of anger here. now, police say they have proof that this man, 19-year-old kenneth harding, was the one that fired at them first. in a news conference police released audio of what they say was the actual sound of the shoot crowd between police and the suspects saturday night. 10 shots in total. police say the first shot came from harding. now, much of the aftermath was also captured on cell phone video later posted to youtube. the 19-year-old had a long record, already convicted of the rape of a minor and attempt to force that 14-year-old into prostitution. seattle police also confirmed with us that harding was a person of interest in the murder of a 19-year-old woman just days before he was shot and killed in san francisco. now, a sense of anger has been growing in this community and bayview residents yesterday held a rally and expressed some of their rage. >> what the people is really angry about is the way after he was shot and laying down this bleeding viciously in front of everybody.
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that's the uproar is about. >> i been hearing a lot of stories. all i know is whatever it is, it has to stop because more people will die. >> reporter: so as you heard, there are different reasons why people are angry. some residents still believe that harding was unarmed. others say police fired into a busy area. police have recovered a .45- caliber handgun at the scene that was found by a bystander and later police do have it in their possession now. it's undergoing a forensic testing right now put police say that they are not 100% sure at this time that the gun was the one used by harding in the shootout. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth wenger in san francisco. a former santa clara police officer goes on trial in a san jose federal courtroom today. 37-year-old clay rojas is facing a dozen counts following a grand jury indictment last
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year. he is accused of providing confidential law enforcement information to a member of the hell's angels in order to pay off a debt. the "mercury news" reports suspected hell's angels member william bettencourt will be tried separately but on related charges. rupert murdock and his son james are before the british parliament answering lawmakers' questions about the phone hacking scandal that has plagued the family's news corp empire. we hear them they are getting coached by some of the best pr execs in england. as charlie d'agata reports, this comes one day after the mysterious death of a key whistle-blower. >> reporter: now it's rupert murdock himself who takes center stage in the unfolding hacking drama that has engulfed his empire. >> for critics of rupert murdoch, this is the best thing that could happen the best case they could have to argue against murdock around say he has too many power.
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>> reporter: he and his son will tell how much they knew about the scandal. so will former british ceo rebekah brooks, who police are already investigating. the controversy has forcerd the head of scotland yard and his deputy to resign over their alleged links to a former murdock executive. the scandal has reached the highest levels of the british government, with opposition leaders saying the prime minister himself has questions to answer about his close ties to the murdock empire. >> but at the moment, if he is unable to provide the leadership the country needs... >> reporter: rebekah brooks is a friend and neighbor to the prime minister. the pair met repeatedly since cameron took office 14 months ago. the prime minister cut short a trip to africa and called for an emergency session of parliament. in a further twist to the scandal, police found one of the first whistle-blowers about hacking dead at his home.
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police are calling sean hoare's death unexplained but not suspicious. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. 5:06. a bipartisan plan is being fine- tuned in the u.s. senate. now, this is in hopes getting around the nation's debt crisis. the plan would give president obama the power to raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion in three installments. that is if he agrees to a package of spending cuts. congress would only be able to override an increase with a two- thirds majority in both house and senate. meanwhile the house today is expected to pass a republican plan backed by the tea party. but it is sure to fail in a democrat majority senate and the president vowed to veto it. >> but it would require the dismantlement of social security, medicare and medicaid. >> if a debt ceiling is not in place by that august 2 deadline, the treasury will not be able to pay all the government's bills that are due on august 3.
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all right. this tuesday morning, want to know what your traffic looks like, how your afternoon is shaping up? kristy, we have a warming trend? >> yes. good news if you want to enjoy the sunshine. this is the weather you have been waiting for. mostly cloudy around the bay this morning, although this marine layer is shallow and that means by this afternoon, we are going to see plenty of sunshine pouring through and that of course means a warmup. it's mild now as you step out now. a couple of readings still in the 60s. 61 fremont and livermore. 60 oakland. 57 in napa. warming up nicely by this afternoon. mid to highway 80s inland. mid-70s around the bay and actually will see some 60s at the coast. i'll have a full look at the forecast later on. but over to gianna and we'll see how those roads are doing. >> thank you, christie. let's get an update on this trouble spot we have been checking out in marin county. northbound 101 ramp to eastbound 37, also 1010 both directions between atherton and 37. we have road construction, no accidents just lots of people
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doing their job this morning on the freeways. so things are slow and go through the area. give yourself some extra time out the door. hoping to wrap things up by 6 a.m. yellow on the sensors means slow traffic in the area. 17 minutes south 101 from 37 to 580. towards the golden gate bridge so far looking good no delays. we'll get a look at the rest of the bay area bridges coming up. but right now back to you. >> thank you. northern california rock star takes a stand to protect his home. the compromise that he has reached with neighborhood hikers. plus, an alleged mommy crime spree caught on tape. what a parent is accused of stealing with a four-month-old baby in tow. and their six figure salaries keep growing while students suffer. one lawmaker's push to stop raises at california colleges up next. i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. ng my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of:
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good morning. slower speeds south 101 from 37 to 580 due to roadwork but looking good at the golden gate bridge. we'll check the south bay coming up. back to you. two oakland women are expected to face a judge today on charges of taking a four- month-old baby on a crime spree. police say that the baby's mother and her friend lachey rodriguez started breaking into cars in berkeley and emeryville around noon on friday. officers caught them around 8 p.m. after a security camera captured one of the crimes in emeryville. police sent the women's pictures to local security firms and they were spotted trying to return stolen items to a target. >> the women don't tend to be the ones who go around doing burglaries in the daytime.
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but what really threw us for a loop was the fact that they had a four-month-old baby with them. >> that baby was taken in a protective custody and later turned over to another family member. san jose fire investigators are looking for the cause of a fire which left a dozen people homeless. the two-alarm fire broke out in an apartment building near lanai and waverly avenues. this is in east san jose. it happened around 7:30 last night. it took an hour and a half to put out. there wer no injuries. three units were damaged. a new hiking trail connecting two open space preserves in marin county could be finished by september. the $650,000 trail is being built to go around property owned by a musician. years ago he complained about damage to his property and put a gate across an existing trail. the new one will bypass his land altogether. 5:12 now.
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major layoffs have been announced for a bay area tech giant. we'll have details on that story plus the final chapter for a struggling bookstore chain and what's happening to the rest of its stores. >> after plenty of cloud cover last week and the beginning of this week, finally seeing some sunshine, clear for take-off out of sfo this morning. going to make a high of 73 today plenty of sunshine. houston different story, 94, hot weather in houston and they are seeing rain and thunderstorms, as well. a chance of seeing rain and thunderstorms in atlanta today. temperatures there on the hot side, 92 degrees. we'll have a full look at your bay area forecast in just a bit. ,,,,
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welcome back on this tuesday morning at 5:16. in the headlines, a town hall meeting will take place in san francisco's bayview district tomorrow. the subject, last weekend's deadly shooting of a man that officers say fired at them first. the coast guard has been looking all night for a missing surfer. the 62-year-old went missing late yesterday after going out from coyote point. we are expecting a live briefing from the coast guard in just about 15 minutes from now. six men are expected to enter a plea in connection with the shooting death in san francisco. the victim was a woman from germany who was here on
5:17 am
vacation last year when she was killed. we saw beautiful conditions yesterday and it continues today. more sunshine and actually slightly warmer temperatures in store. and this morning inland spots, partly cloudy conditions, mild, seeing temperatures in the 60s still around the bay mostly cloudy and a little bit of fog out there along the coastline. but by this afternoon, clearing out nicely, plenty of sunshine in those inland spots, temperatures into the high 80s, sunshine as well around a bit shores today and the coast. we are going to get sun and cloud cover. now, this low is still in the picture so still keeping those temperatures a little cool. but as this high builds in that's when we'll really see a warmup andover see that over the next couple of days. temperatures in parts of northern california definitely on the hot side. fresno 94. 86 yosemite. sacramento 88. cooler monterey only 68. ukiah and eureka a little wet yesterday seeing showers, drying out today and seeing some sunshine today just like
5:18 am
we are. highs for today look like this. 85 for livermore, 87 in fairfield, oakland 74. redwood city topping out at 80. the city will make it to 70 today so very pleasant conditions. santa rosa 83. plenty of sunshine out there. continuing with that sunshine into wednesday. actually making it into the mid- 90s. once again same story for thursday, more sun for friday will a slight cooling. and a little bit of cooldown for saturday, as well. monday looking good by the time you start next workweek temperatures there in the high 80s. temperatures tonight cooler for the dodgers taking on the giants. see if we can get another victory tonight. are you going to be watching the game, gianna? >> my husband wouldn't miss it. it's on the big screen every day. all right. jumping over to the freeways now, thank you, christie. if you are going out on 101 in san jose, a few cars on the road but overall still very light, traffic moving nicely for your tuesday morning commute. over to our maps better news in the south bay. we had some earlier roadwork south 880 connector to
5:19 am
northbound 280. wrapped up on schedule at 5:00. so things looking good 880 or northbound 280 into downtown san jose. no delays there. checking your ride through 880/237, so far, so good as well accident-free in this area. east bay travel times, 80 from carquinez bridge to the maze, 18 minutes. altamont pass westbound 580, 14 minutes to 680. north 880 clear out of hayward into oakland. also the bay bridge looking good. benicia bridge also checking in problem-free no delays. bay bridge clear in both directions. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. there is a push in sacramento to block pay raises for administrators at public universities during tough economic times. state senator leland yee of san francisco has introduced a bill that would prohibit executive pay increases in years when the
5:20 am
state does not raise its allocation to the schools. this year, california slashed $650 million each from the uc and csu systems. and while tuition is going up, several top executives are still getting raises. we have heard estimates from five to 10,000, and this morning cisco systems has confirmed it is laying off 6500 people. san jose's largest private employer announced last week that it planned to cut $1 billion from its fiscal year budget. 2100 employees are taking early retirement. that's included in cisco's layoff number. they will find out who is getting laid off first week of august. borders bookstore is history. they couldn't find a buyer to get it out of bankruptcy. the only bidders were two liquidation companies. liquidation of borders' remaining stores will begin monday. they are all likely to be gone
5:21 am
by late september. borders went bankrupt in february and closed more than 200 stores back then. 5:21. atlantis says farewell. the major milestone in the shuttle's journey to retirement. plus this. >> i was shocked because normally he is really laid back. >> this chihauhau was anything but chill. how this 10-pound pup faced off against two armed robbers. we'll have that story. ,, ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. before the british parliament right now. they're being grilled about the phone-hackling let's go live to london. media mogul rupert murdock and his son are before parliament receiving questions about the phone hacking scandal that rocked that nation over the news corp empire. now, not only are rupert and james murdock there, but their former "news of the world" ceo rebekah brooks will also be questioned this morning. a dust storm hit phoenix for the second time this month. look how bad the visibility was yesterday. the cloud was 3,000 feet high, winds gusted at 40 miles per hour. this is actually called a haboob and they are more common in the sar har ra desert and
5:25 am
the middle east. -- in the sahara desert in the middle east. earlier this morning, the space shuttle atlantis undocked from the international space station ending their very last rendezvous between a shuttle and the station. the two spacecraft were nearly 250 miles above the pacific ocean when they separated. atlantis left behind a year of supplies and is scheduled to land in florida on thursday, marking the conclusion of the 30-year-old shuttle program. a north carolina woman is finally getting her day in white. on friday, rebecca friedman will marry her college sweetheart. the 25-year-old was paralyzed at her bachelorette party last year. a bridesmaid pushed her into the shallow end. pool causing a freak accident. friedman has refused to identify the bridesmaid but says she will be at the wedding. two would-be robbers are
5:26 am
likely to stay away from a smoke shop in los angeles county and that is thanks to a chihauhau named paco. that's right. this is packco. last week the two dogs tried to rob the store in altadena. paco, who lives in the neighborhood, kept barking and biting at the robbers acting out of character, chasing them out of the store and eventually scared them off. >> i was shocked because normally he is laid back. just sitting back taking it easy so finally said to his owner, he finally earned his keep. he is not going to let anybody mess up his home. >> hard to believe he is responsible for that. the hooligans got away with $200 but no one was hurt and everyone is thanking paco for that. almost everyone fears getting their teeth checked. what one dentist is bringing along to distract you from the pain. plus, striking when the iron is hot. why it could be tougher to get a home in the bay area after september.
5:27 am
and a 62-year-old wind surfer has gone missing in san francisco bay. what her husband told us just a short time ago that worries him the most. we'll have a live report. san francisco police say they have proof that a man they killed over the weekend fired first. what they are doing now to give answers to an increasingly angry community. coming up in a live report. ,,,,,,,,
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time is 5-- your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good tuesday morning. it's july 19. i'm grace lee. frank is off this morning. he is still on vacation taking some well deserved time off. first let's check traffic and weather. and kristy, i heard from frank and he says he is ready to come back to work soon. >> it's got to be because of the weather and seeing you guys, of course. seeing that warming trend continue and it's mild outside. still 60s. 60 redwood city, 61 livermore, cooler in vallejo at 59. and 57 for san rafael. we'll look at the warm highs in just a bit. gianna has traffic. >> tuesday morning commute off to a good start. let's go live to the bay bridge where you're clear across the upper deck into san francisco. no delays. san francisco to oakland. no metering lights on the toll
5:31 am
plaza. back to you. right now a search is in progress for a missing windsurferrer in san francisco bay. the coast guard has been looking for her all night by boat and helicopter. anser hassan joins us by phone. >> reporter: we were the first news crews to talk to steven the husband of the missing windsurfer. his concern is her age and her health. his wife is 62 and it's difficult. there is a strong current out there now. he is concerned that could overpower her. it's also dark which means anything can be difficult no matter how old you are. he also said she has health issues which he didn't want to
5:32 am
discuss but she is going through chemotherapy so she may not be in the best health. >> we are waiting to get an update from the coast guard. we know they have been searching. why are the coast guard officials so hopeful that they can find her even though her husband seems to be losing hope? >> reporter: i don't think her husband is losing hope but the coast guard is optimistic still calling this a search-and- rescue mission for the missing windsurfer. the reason is she has a wet suit on so she can stay warm. she has a flotation device. they say it's not uncommon that somebody goes out into the bay. there can be a strong current in the middle which pushes them down, you know, miles away from where they start out at. they think that given her experience and expertise and the safety items she has with her, that they will be able to find her. they will continue the search at daybreak. they are also asking all the cities whose shores touch the
5:33 am
bay to go out and send cops and fire rescue crews out there to look for any missing items maybe her helmet should -- a blue helmet, look for her radio or any object she may have been carrying to give them any indication of where she might be. a new development in the search for seven missing fishermen off baja, california. a friend of one says she is raising money to pay for a private dive team. laurie goldbeck wants to find the fisherman. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy suspended their search last week after covering 7,000 square miles. >> san francisco's police chief will go into a troubled neighborhood tomorrow in order to speak with people who are
5:34 am
outraged by a deadly police shooting that happened over the weekend. elizabeth wenger is in san francisco, where there are different opinions about what happened. lots of different stories, people are trying to figure out what happened, right, elizabeth? >> reporter: right. it's all based on eyewitnesses and some cell phone video taken at the scene. there is going to be what's being called town hall meeting here at the bayview operahouse at 6:00 tomorrow. san francisco police chief as well as city officials and clergy. there are some unanswered questions so the meeting will give the community some answers. miss say they have proof that the suspect, 19-year-old kenneth harding, fired at them firstna . news conference, police released audio of the actual sound of the shootout between police and the suspect saturday night. 10 shots in total. police say the first shot came from harding. much of the aftermath captured on that cell phone video later
5:35 am
posted to youtube. the 19-year-old had a long record already convicted of the rape of a minor and an attempt to force that 14-year-old into prostitution. he was also the person of interest in the murder of a 19- year-old woman days before he was shot and killed in san francisco. a sense of anger has been growing in this community. bayview residents held a rally yesterday. told this us that his criminal record is -- they told us that his criminal record is not important. >> i'm not condoning what the police did by far. i don't want to see nobody getting hurt. but, you know, somebody who has a criminal record, how can you -- you can't protect the criminals. >> as they are chasing him and they are fired upon, they knew that their lives were in jeopardy and at which point they returned fire. >> reporter: okay. so there's many questions now about the gun involved in this officer-involved shooting. many witnesses at the scene say that the suspect was unarmed.
5:36 am
that is what they saw. now, some are upset that police fired into a busy area into a busy crowd. police say they have recovered a .45-caliber handgun. now, a bystander picked it up at the scene. police did later recover that gun. it's undergoing forensic testing because they are not sure that that was the actual gun used by the suspect in this case. back to you. >> hopefully that forensic testing will help sort out what happened. elizabeth wenger in san francisco, thank you. a dozen people are homeless this morning after a fire tore through their apartments in east san jose. a two-alarm fire broke out in a two-story apartment building near lanai and waverly answers around 7:30 last night. it took an hour and a half to put out. no injuries. three units were damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. let's get a check of your traffic and weather. if you are just waking up and
5:37 am
you like sunshine, kristy, you have some good news? >> i do. people were not so happy with the news about the potential rain yesterday and the cloud cover last week. but today is good news in terms of good weather. partly cloudy inland. marine layer not very deep today. so that means we are going to be able to clear out quickly, see warm temperatures. and our temperatures are finally getting closer to where they should be for july. we were between five and 16 degrees below average last week. check out now the difference between two and six. san francisco today actually going to be above average for this time year so great weather in store. i'll give you a full picture of weather throughout the rest of the bay area in a little bit but gianna has traffic. >> thank you. we'll go live right now to our pleasanton cameras with a look at 580 westbound. those are headlights traveling towards 680. we are seeing extra volume typical. over to the maps, extra volume along the altamont pass. still 15, 16 minutes as you work your way westbound towards
5:38 am
680. new wreck chp westbound 80 at meridien vehicle in the center divide, may be blocking two left lanes. we'll have more information as it comes in. we'll have more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. jury selection begins today as a former santa clara police officer goes on trial in federal court in san jose. 37-year-old clay rojas is facing a dozen counts following a grand jury indictment last year. he is accused of providing confidential law enforcement information to a member of the tells angels to pay off a debt. william bettencourt will be tried separately on related charges. six men are charged in the death of a german tourist and they will enter their pleas today. police say that the victim was caught in the crossfire of a gang fight in san francisco last year. prosecutors have said that they will not seek the death penalty. two women suspected of
5:39 am
taking a four-month-old baby on a crime spree in emeryville will be in court today. police say that the baby's mother and her friend started breaking into cars in berkeley and emeryville last friday and they had the baby in tow. officers caught them after a security camera captured one of the crimes in emeryville. the women were arrested when police say they tried to return stolen items at a target. the baby was taken into protectty custody and turned over to another family member. are you looking for a home? this may be the last chance to catch lower rates. >> you should come and see buster. >> who is buster? one bay area dental office is going to the dogs. [ laughter ] >> how a pug is helping kids get over some of their biggest fears. aw. ,,
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the latest report shows there's welcome back. 5:42 on this tuesday morning. we have new numbers on the housing market. the latest report shows that there is not a bright outlook for the industry. well, here to discuss the current state of the market and some of the unique opportunities that exist is jill schlesinger, editor at large for and jill, i'm glad to see at least you're talking about some good things as well as the bad. so what can we expect just this week? >> reporter: well, let's get the bad news out of way. today we have housing starts. starts collapsed following the housing bubble. they have been moving sideways for about two years. some ups and downs when the home buyers tax credit was out. tomorrow we are going to get existing home sales. they are expected to tick up a touch from the previous month although the slow pace of new mortgage applications does suggest that home sales are probably going to be fairly
5:43 am
weak through the summer. and economists expect home prices to drop 2.4% nationally for all of 2011. now, of course, in the bay area, things are a little bit better but still, pretty bleak on the housing outlook. >> the good news was that the prices are down? is that the good news? [ laughter ] >> reporter: no. i'll give you better -- yes, so prices are down. >> just waiting for it, jill. [ laughter ] >> reporter: here we go. the stalled economic recovery has pushed down 30-year mortgage rates to 4.5%. we just got there briefly last year but this is a great opportunity for buyers and current homeowners to lock in these record low rates. now, in the bay area, this is an expensive real estate market. so right now, fanny and freddie allow these things for jumbo conforming mortgages. that means you can borrow up to $729,500 but it's probably the last couple of months where you can capture the bargain
5:44 am
basement rates for these agency jumbo loans because fanny and freddie are phasing them out in september. that means those price go up dramatically on jumbo loads and on we have the five new mortgage rules including the one fee that you absolutely positively must negotiate. >> and jill, just a quick question. if you wanted that jumbo mortgage loan you probably would have had to prepare months before. is it too late now to get it before september. >> reporter: no. you can, because all you have to do is have the documents established before then. so if you're looking for a house right now, you know, you still have probably have six weeks and you probably could have that loan origination lined up to go. you don't have to close before september but new original nations will stop after september. >> got it. thank you jill schlesinger, editor at large for continuing to see plenty of warm weather around the bay area today although a little bit of cloud cover as you step
5:45 am
outside this morning. still seeing some gray here but i promise you, blue peeking through a little later on this afternoon and sunshine all around the bay area. mild temperatures out the door. 60-degree readings out there, partly cloudy inland. mostly cloudy around the bay shores and the coastline seeing a little bit of patchy fog. but by this afternoon, different story. finally warming up to that place that everybody has been asking about. high 80s in those inland spots. we are going to make it to the mid-70s around the bay and at the coast we are going to make it to the 60s today and a mix of sun and clouds. pleasant weather bay areawide. this low still in the picture so keeping some areas cooler but closer to seasonal. as high pressure builds we'll see the warmup over the next couple of days and starting to see some of that today. sacramento already hitting 88. 94 in fresno so hot there today. pleasant in lake tahoe at 77. eureka and ukiah drying out today saw some showers there yesterday. so pleasant temperatures there, as well. so beautiful all over northern california today. highs for this afternoon we'll see those 80s in the inland
5:46 am
spots. 78 in fremont. 77 for mountain view. 84 los altos and 62 today as a high in -- up to the north. 86 in antioch, 86 in brentwood, 82 for san ramon. san leandro cooler at 72. san rafael topping out at 2. no 90s until tomorrow. you can see those 90s for wednesday and thursday. slight cooldown for friday and saturday. and then we continue to cool a little bit for the start of next workweek. that's a look at your forecast. gianna has traffic. >> just a couple of things to look out for. one accident westbound 80 through vacaville one vehicle involved hit the center divide. two left lanes are blocked. chp just arriving on scene as well as emergency crews. we are getting word of injuries. traffic a little slow approaching the scene. rest of the eastshore freeway drive not too bad. towards the bay bridge extra volume across the upper deck into san francisco. still pretty clear out of san
5:47 am
francisco into oakland. right now if you're heading on 880 north 880 about a 15-minute ride from 238 to the maze. if you plan to take the altamont pass this morning, so far, so good. only 15 minutes right now westbound 580 all the way to 680. traffic actually fairly light through that portion of the roadway. antioch bridge though starting to get sluggish as you make your way off the bridge, not bad but past there things get a little slow from hillcrest to loveridge. looking good though through pittsburg. we have early-morning roadwork between 37 and atherton in novato. everything is cleared out of the road traffic free-flowing. mass transit always a good choice. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. no delays through there. and headed to the south bay so far, so good. everything looking good working your way through downtown san jose. back to you. >> thank you. time for the morning's top stories. the coast guard is looking for a windsurfer in san francisco bay. she was last seen by her
5:48 am
husband around 5:00 yesterday. a coast guard cutter and helicopter searched through the night. last weekend's shooting by san francisco police officers is the subject of a town hall meeting that will be eld tomorrow evening. it will be in the bayview district where police say the man fired at them before they shot back. a new bill in sacramento would block pay raises for administrators at public universities during tough economic times. specifically, it would prohibit raises in years when the school's allocations do not go up. media mogul rupert murdock and his son james are before the british parliament right now. let's take a live look at what's going on with the proceedings. they will be answering lawmakers' questions about the phone hacking scandal which has plagued the family's news corp empire. rupert and james murdock and their former uk newspaper chief rebekah brooks, the ceo, they are all expected to be questioned. lawmakers are also holding a
5:49 am
separate hearing to question london police about reports that they took bribes from journalists in exchange for inside information. in the meantime, back here until the u.s., senate leaders are working on a bipartisan plan that could get around the nation's debt crisis. the plan would give president obama the power to raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion. that's if he agrees to a package of spending cuts. congress would only be able to override an increase with a two- thirds majority in both the house and senate. the house is expected to pass a republican plan that's expected to fail when it gets to the senate because of the democratic majority. the president has also said that he would veto that bill. >> but it would essentially require the dismantlement of our social security, medicare and medicaid. >> if a debt ceiling plan isn't
5:50 am
in place by august 2, the treasury will default on its august 3rd bills. 6500 people at cisco are soon going to be out of a job. san jose's largest private employer announced it plans to cut $1 billion from its fiscal year budget. 2100 employees are taking early retirement but that number is included in the overall layoff number for cisco. employees will find out who will be laid off the first week of august. 5:50 now. you might say the fountain of youth is in one bay area city where people are living the longest. we'll have details on that. and he is much more than man's best friend. how this little dog can help you get over some of your biggest fears. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
detached from the international space station... ending the very last rendezvous between a shuttle and the station. hind a year's atlantis copies, thanks. today the space shuttle atlantis separated from the international space station ending the last time that the shuttle and the station will meet. they left behind a year of supplies and will touch down in florida on thursday concluding the 30-year shuttle program. the secret to living longer might be somewhere in san jose. people there apparently lived the longest and that's compared to the rest of the country. according to the cdc and the daily beast, they are the ones who did the study, men in san jose lived to 79 years, women nearly 83. and san francisco, that came in 6th place and oakland nabbed 15th on the list. surveys show that most americans are scared to go to the dentist. we understand. but as dr. kim explains, one bay area doctor is trying to ease that fear and she is doing with it a furry friend.
5:54 am
reporter: this dental office in downtown palo alto has gone to the dogs. or should we say dog. meet buster the pug. the breed is known to lounge on the lap of the ancient chinese royals. >> good boy! >> reporter: well, you might say buster is carrying on with tradition this time with patients. >> buster's got a real gift, i think, just for making people feel just safe and warm and, you know, i think distracted. >> buster was the one that just everybody wanted to hold. he just became part of a family here. >> reporter: dr. laurie duran is buster's owner. she brought the canine into the office when the pug pass just a pup. everyone wanted to hold him. >> patients started requesting him so i would bring him once a week. and then everybody wanted him on their lap so i brought him every day. and so he stays in the back and when people say, where's buster, he comes in and sits on their lap. >> reporter: the dentist discovered when they are
5:55 am
patients hold onto buster they relax and that helps her do her job. >> i think he definitely has a sense of calming the patient. >> reporter: science backs her up. research shows how pets can help lower your blood pressure. even lower your stress. >> he makes me feel a lot more comfortable. i'm really happy that he gets to come. >> reporter: for good health, it's important to take care of your mouth and teeth beginning in childhood. these kids are off to a good start. >> you should come and see buster. >> reporter: the added plus? buster has good breath. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> of course buster has good breath! he belongs to a dentist! all right. let's check traffic and weather. if you went to the dentist do you think buster would ease your fears? >> i just talked to my mom getting a root canal. she could use buster! but beautiful weather all around the bay area today. we are going to see warmer
5:56 am
temperatures continuing let that warming trend into wednesday and thursday. a little bit of a cooldown into friday and saturday but still pleasant starting in the high 80s the start of next week beautiful shot sent to us by one of our viewers. so get out today clear skies. you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset. send us your photos at one accident in vacaville, westbound 80 at meridien. one car involved. vehicle in the center divide. tow cruise waiting to get things out of lane. sluggish as you approach the scene no problems on 80. traffic looking good across the upper deck of the bay bridge. metering lights still off no delays into san francisco. on the golden gate bridge, traffic fairly light. much better on south 101 to marin county. back to you. >> thank you. in the next half hour, it is now a crime to text and walk.
5:57 am
how much one city is fining pedestrians for this bad behavior. where in the world is casey anthony? the california city where she may try to start a new life. plus, we are expecting a new update on the search for a missing windsurfer in the san francisco bay. what her husband told us he is most worried about. averaged angry neighbors accuse -- angry neighbors accuse san francisco police of killing an unarmed man. what police are do to set the facts straight. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories.
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"its insane. the police think " a non-stop search for a missing windsurfer. the growing concern for the woman's health condition. it's insane. you know, the police think that we're stupid. >> new information about a deadly police shooting in

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